Auction & Sales Purchases

Auction purchases are legally regulated in the UK by the Sales of Goods Act (1979), which sets out the contractual obligations of buyers and sellers. Every day, thousands of transactions are made at auction houses across the country. Unfortunately, many people go into an auction arrangement without a clear understanding of their consumer safeguards. 

Auctions are different to other commercial transactions, but there are still legal regulations in place that ensure the item you purchase is the same as that which is advertised, and that you have reasonable protection in the event of a fault.

If you are planning to invest in a property, business, vehicle, antique or other item at an auction, it is helpful to have legal support on hand to safeguard your purchase. At Beightons Solicitors, we provide a specialist auction and sales purchase legal service to businesses and individuals in the Derby area.

Our auction and sales services include:

  • Ensuring auctioneers fulfil their liabilities to purchasers
  • Legal representation if your goods have been misrepresented at an auction
  • Protection against breach of warranty or fraud
  • Purchase disputes
  • Advice on your statutory rights after purchasing at auction
  • Legal advice on contractual conditions on domestic and commercial property purchased at auction

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