Our Values

There are several firms of lawyers and conveyancers based in Derby, so what sets Beightons Solicitors apart from our competitors? Our customers are all different, coming from different walks of life and requiring different solutions. Our team are diverse, with a wide range of skill-sets. What brings us together as a business are our shared values.

Above all else, law is a human profession; it isn’t an anonymous service or simply a job. Our customers are people with practical, real-world concerns that are often a source of genuine worry. The law is our means of helping people achieve long-term solutions to these issues.

Our service ethic is proactive, seeking ways of moving cases forward on our customers' behalf in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

We therefore embrace three professional values:

1) Value For Money

The stress of high legal fees frequently adds to an already difficult situation, or deters many people from seeking legal redress. The cost of lawyers should be the last thing on your mind when seeking advice on property matters, administering probate for a deceased loved one, or seeking to put closure on an old relationship. Our services are offered at a fixed, reasonably priced fee, to remove all the uncertainty from legal proceedings. Legal support should be available to anyone who needs it, at an affordable price. 

2) Efficient Service 

Our promise to every customer is to do our best to find a fast and effective resolution to each legal matter we are presented with. We don’t sit on cases or drag them out. We move forward on your behalf to a prompt resolution – and we don’t recommend an action unless it is strictly necessary to obtain your desired outcome.

3) Experience 

Every piece of legal advice we give is based on direct, first-hand experience. Our legal team encompass a wide spectrum of legal experience in property, civil, matrimonial and charity law. You can rely on us to provide impartial, professional advice on any matter you approach us with. Our recommendations are fully considered and weighed up with potential costs and benefits. We won’t rush straight to court if other options for mediation and resolution are open, but neither will we shy away from vigorously pursuing your case in court if necessary. 

At the heart of every case is a genuine concern for your welfare; a desire to reduce the stress, frustration and legal burdens on you to an absolute minimum. 

FREE Personalised Legal Advice 

We provide a free initial consultation where you can discuss any legal matter with one of our solicitors, at no cost to yourself. To arrange your appointment, please send an email to mail@beightonslegal.co.uk, or call us on 01332 346430.

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