A Last Will & Testament establishes how you wish your estate and liabilities to be settled after your death. Anyone who owns property or assets, or who has legal dependents, should have a legally binding will, which should be revised whenever your circumstances change - for instance, when you have grandchildren or purchase additional property. 

At Beightons Solicitors, our will writing and advice service takes all the stress and uncertainty out of creating a will. Our qualified and experienced solicitors can ensure your will encompasses all your legal obligations and any expenses your family may face after your death, such as funeral costs. 

Your will should cover the resolution of any outstanding obligations and distribute your estate among your friends and loved ones according to your wishes. A will does not need to be a complicated legal document, but it should be written in such a way to leave no room for ambiguity or disputes after your death.

Thinking about one’s own death is not an easy topic, but the sooner a will is made, the faster you and your loved ones can have peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out after you are gone. 

Our will writing service is fast, efficient and affordable. We’ll talk to you about your current assets, liabilities and wishes, and create a document that accurately reflects how you want your estate to be distributed, including donations to charitable causes and individual bequests. 

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Don’t wait until you are old or terminally ill to write a will. Chat to us in confidence about your wishes and then relax and enjoy your life! For a free initial consultation and affordable, fixed rates on all will-related services, call us on 01332 346 430, or send an email to mail@beightonslegal.co.uk.

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